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Iguanas don't affect humans because humans don't inhabit most of the Iguanas' habitats, but the population of Iguanas greatly suffers as a result of humans. Their habitat destruction and trade reduce Iguana population as well as many other exotic creatures. Marine Iguanas and West Indian Rock Iguanas that inhabit Caribbean islands throughout the Antilles and the Bahamas have evolved in the environment with no predators, so they have few defenses against introduced animals: rats, cats, dogs. It's hard for the young to survive the predation of feral animals. And, the population is replaced very slowly. Of the 16 subspecies three are listed as endangered, and the rest are threatened.

The Jamaican Iguana was listed as extinct for half a century until 1990; it was rediscovered in rugged regions. It survives now as a remnant population estimated at between 50 and 200 individuals. Thanks to remoteness and inaccessibility of its habitat, the Jamaican Iguana still survives.

The Grand Caiman, or Blue Iguana is considered nearly extinct. The total population of Blue Iguanas is about 100-200 individuals. Zoos acquire captive-bred Iguanas to develop a managed captive population and to reintroduce it to natural habitats. To fully restore the populations of these rare Iguanas, feral mongoose and cats should be controlled. Also, habitat preservation measures for Iguanas should be implemented.

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 Iguanas - Reptiles - Pictures
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 Iguanas - Reptiles - Pictures
Reptielenzoo Iguana Vlissingen

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A green iguana tampa can be purchased from a farm nearby; look through photos and read facts first.
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