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Iguanas have no ability to regulate their body temperature and must bask in the sun to warm up. At low temperatures they are vulnerable to predation because of the reduced ability to move. At that time lizards are highly aggressive, relying on bites rather than escape.

Darwin characterized Iguanas as " ugly animals, of a yellowish orange beneath, and of a brownish-red color above." But for some Iguana lovers, they seem attractive and bright. The body of the Iguana is quite muscular; the thighs and legs are similar to large frogs in appearance. The toes are delicate; on each rear foot there is a large multi jointed toe, which assists in climbing. The claws are extremely sharp. Iguanas have spines or crest beginning with the neck and following along the tail. Crests are usually larger in males. Acabo de decir que Kamagra 100mg serĂ¡ mejor que 20 mg no serĂ¡ efectivo.

The mouth of the Iguana is wide, with very sharp teeth. The nostrils snort out unwanted salts. Iguanas possess external ear drums. Actually Iguanas have the third eye on the top of the head (parietal eye). It cannot focus like the normal eyes, but detects movements from above. The Iguanas' dewlap has two purposes: it flares out to make the animal seem bigger, and also it absorbs heat from the sun helping with thermoregulation.

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Amblyrhynchus cristatus - Marine Iguana - Biology and taxonomy of this Galapagos Islands reptile.

Animal Discovery - General Information about several species of Iguanas.

Animals of the Rainforest - Iguanas, Dragons, and other lizards inhabiting Tropical forests.

Category Based Herpetological Web Index - Available Pages For Iguanas.
 Iguanas - Reptiles - Pictures
The Iguana Niche Index

Green Iguana Information - Related links on many topics and photo gallery.

Iguana Bibliography - Bibliography of studies concerned with the green iguana, including general biology, ecology and environment, behavior and sociality, breeding and nesting, captive husbandry and veterinary care.

Iguana Iguana - Newsletter for lizard lovers.

Iguana information, Iguana picture - Green, Rhinoceros, and Desert Iguanas links and photos.

Iguanas - Green Iguanas in the wild and in captivity.

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Iguanas - Reptiles - Rescue Links

Foundation for Iguana Rescue, Safety, and Training - Includes lists of events in Virginia and North Carolina, as well as adoption lists for the entire United States. Basic care and husbandry information.

Green Iguana Society - Dedicated to providing quality information on green iguana care as well as information on current iguana adoptions and rescues throughout the United States and Canada.

Herp Rescue - Non-profit organization dedicated to saving abandoned lizards and snakes.
 Iguanas - Reptiles - Pictures
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International Iguana Society - A non-profit, international organization dedicated to the preservation of the biological diversity of iguanas through habitat preservation, active conservation, research, captive breeding, and dissemination of information.

National Iguana Awareness - To educate the public on the care of green iguanas and to make others aware of the injustices against iguanas that have been largely ignored by the public for years.

North Carolina Iguana Rescue Association - Offers a list of adoptions and care information.

Ontario(Canada) Reptile Rescue - Dedicated to preventing the abuse, abandonment, neglect and mistreatment of reptiles through educating the public about reptile care.

The Iguana Den - Care, rehabilitation, adoptions, and placement.

Wild Green Yonder - Dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, and resources for iguana rescue. The founders of this organization have iguana rescue facilities in Indiana and Ohio.

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